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Ben Nizan
Lead Game Designer

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I’m a hands-on, versatile and articulate designer with 12 years’ experience making games. I have managed teams from 3 to 12 including on Fall Guys at Mediatonic / Epic.

A strong communicator - I write clear, detailed documentation. I am comfortable and confident pitching to both internal and external stakeholders as well as leading teams.

I love to create and I have over 10 years experience with Unity. I can block out 3D levels with Pro Builder, code prototypes and basic features with C#. I can use Illustrator to create graphics, wireframes and 2D layouts.

I am working on an unannounced title at Skeletons, a studio I co-founded. We have support from the UK Games Fund and Microsoft, but I'm on the look out for part-time and contract work to help fund development.

Want to work together? You can email me at:

Below is a sample of the games I've worked on.

Fall Guys  (2019-2022)

Lead Level Designer / Game Designer

Fall Guys is Mediatonic's BAFTA-nominated, 60-player 'party royale' inspired by shows such as Total Wipeout. I wrote specs and wireframes for most of the metagame features, such as the original reward system and shop. I designed 3 levels from concept to release and went on to lead the level designers, who grew from a team of 5 to 12 under my management.

Watch this video runthrough of Skyline Stumble, the most popular round I made.

Here's an article about Hoopsie Legends, a level I designed before I took over as lead designer.

Play for free on Playstation, Xbox, Switch and PC


Mr Bean: Risky Ropes (2018)

Game & Level Designer

At Good Catch Games I worked on a number of pitches and released games based on EndemolShine IP, including Mr Bean. 

I was the sole game and level designer on Risky Ropes, a one-tap mobile game about abseiling down cliffs, under the sea and on the moon!

Play for free on iOS and Android


Simon Cat's Dash (2016 -2018)

Level Designer

While at Good Catch I helped design Simon's Cat Dash: an infinite runner for mobile featuring one of the internet's favourite cartoon cats.

I was responsible for the original client pitch and, once in development I primarily acted as a level designer - creating about half of the game's 2D platforming stages.

Play for free on iOS and Android


W H I T E S P A C E  (2018)

Game Designer & Writer

A weird, wordy seven minutes; or less if you're decisive and a fast reader. A short piece of interactive fiction with no dead ends, because you're already dead. Made for Twine Jam 2018.

Play for free in browser on


Here Be Monsters (2011 - 2014)

Game Designer & Writer

At Gamesys, I was tasked with the design and writing of quest content for a story-based Facebook game: "Here Be Monsters". Initially solo, I went on to lead of a team of 4 designer/writers. We we were responsible for coordinating and developing new game-play as well as the game's story and narrative.

It is sadly no longer available to play.

However, the player-made wiki does survive

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